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Welcome to Natureiki, your space for Reiki in Vienna!
Unwind and recharge your energy reserves in our little green oasis.

Wendy, die Gründerin von Natureiki Reiki Wien
Do you feel like...

Doing something good for yourself?
Relaxing and slowing down for a change?
Finding a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you?
Becoming more whole?

Then a Reiki treatment in my practice is just right for you!

Reiki - for body, mind & soul

Reiki gives you strength and energy, exactly where you need it most.

NEU: Reiki Kurs 1. Grad
10. & 11. Juni 2023

Sehnst du dich nach mehr Balance, Entspannung und seelischem Wohlbefinden in deinem Alltag?

Lerne die Fähigkeit, dir selbst jederzeit und überall Reiki Energie zu schenken!

We cannot be happy if we seek to satisfy only our worldly needs, for in doing so we neglect our soul. The soul too requires nourishment, and it seeks security and harmony.

Reiki - treatment & effect

A Reiki treatment can have many positive effects. A Reiki session can help you:

  • activate and strengthen your self-healing powers
  • integrate more mindfulness and serenity into your everyday life
  • to be more balanced, grounded and relaxed
  • to find your inner self
  • increase your general well-being
  • reduce stress
  • release energetic blockages
  • to better come to terms with past experiences and problems
  • to dissolve blockages, old thought patterns and beliefs

During a treatment with Reiki different reactions can occur:

  • You often feel the energy in the form of a slight tingling, warmth or even cold.
  • Your digestive system reacts with grumbling noises.
  • Unconscious thoughts and emotions can come up.
  • You may start laughing or crying.
  • Or you fall asleep from sheer relaxation.
  • It can also happen that someone feels absolutely nothing during the treatment, and only notices a change in the hours or even days afterwards.

The different reactions depend on the people and their moods. They cannot be qualitatively opposed - no reaction is "better" or "more desirable" than another. We always take in only what we need at the moment and react accordingly.

Reiki is basically suitable for everyone! My clients include architects, educators, university professors, artists, full-time parents, students, psychologists and many more.

You don't have to call yourself a "spiritual" person to benefit from the power of Reiki. Of course, you should have a certain openness, but even with a healthy dose of skepticism, a Reiki treatment can be quite a wonderful, life-changing experience. Just convince yourself! Either right away with a treatment, or maybe you prefer a trial session. Auch Children can also benefit a lot from Reiki treatments!

I am asked this question again and again. Inner work can be compared to physical training. Just as going to the gym once is not enough, a single Reiki treatment will not develop its full potential. Of course, you will feel the positive effect of Reiki right during and after your first treatment, but the effect will eventually wear off. Here, everyone has their own strategy. Some wait until a concrete, acute concern arises, others want to achieve a constant energetic balance and therefore prefer regular visits. In the end, only you can decide which intervals are most suitable for you. As always, it is best to listen to your intuition.

No, Reiki is in no way a substitute for medical, psychological or psychotherapeutic treatments or consultations. You will be informed about this in detail during the preliminary consultation before your first treatment.

However, Reiki is excellent as an accompanying and supportive measure to any other treatments.

As a professional working with energy fields, I offer a so-called "health-related service". A Reiki treatment helps you to achieve a physical or energetic balance. The clear demarcation to health professions, i.e. doctors, therapists, psychologists..., is very important, because only these are allowed to perform healing treatments in the sense of disease treatment.
Unfortunately, terms like "therapist," "therapy," "healing," etc. often lead to confusion (here you can find a whole article about this issue). I myself have also used the verb "heal" at the top of my home page, and would like to explicitly mention here once again that this does not mean a medical healing, but a healing process on an emotional level.

Reiki - what does that mean?

The term "Reiki" comes from Japanese and can be translated as "universal life energy" ("Rei"=soul, spirit; "Ki"=life energy).

Reiki - a universal force

Reiki is a force that flows through all living things, people, animals, plants. There are many different names for this force - some speak of Qi, others of Prana and still others simply call it love. Reiki is a word for that which makes us breathe, think and feel.

Can you feel Reiki?

Yes! The universal life energy, however you want to name it, is always and everywhere present. We constantly absorb it, sometimes more sometimes less. Sometimes we feel vital, harmonious, in harmony with ourselves and the world. Sometimes, however, we would prefer to spend the whole day in bed and see no one. In such moments, the life force flows through us less strongly.

What is a Reiki practice?

In a Reiki practice, individual Reiki treatments are offered. During a Reiki treatment, life energy is channeled and transmitted. This happens through the laying on of hands. Figuratively speaking, it is like charging a battery. The energies can flow stronger and more freely again.

Reiki treatment - procedure of a Reiki session

A Reiki session usually begins with an introductory talk. Here, both the course of the Reiki treatment and the desired results are discussed.

Traditionally the client lies on a tatami mat. However, many western practitioners use massage beds. Personally, I have opted for something in between. I work with a thin mattress on the floor. In my opinion, this combines comfort and tradition. When you lie closer to the floor, you automatically feel a little more grounded and relaxed.

What does a Reiki practitioner do?

The Reiki practitioner places his or her hands on different parts of the body of the person to be treated. There, he or she stays for a few minutes and lets the Reiki energy flow. By doing so, internal blockages can be released. Moreover, the body's own healing powers are activated and the general well-being is increased.

When laying on hands, direct physical contact is not necessary. Besides, many people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, many practitioners, especially Western practitioners, let their hands hover a few inches above the body part without touching it. This does not change the intensity of the Reiki energy.

Reiki Experiences

If you have not had any experience with Reiki, you may want to ask how other people have experienced their Reiki session with me. It is important to me that all my clients can express their own individual experiences and I welcome any feedback. This is in no way about positive profiling, but about being transparent about how different the experience of Reiki can be. It is meant to support you in your decision whether Reiki might be suitable for you or not, and whether I am the right Reiki practitioner for you. If you would like to know more about me as a person, then click here.

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Linda TLinda T
13:11 22 May 22
Wendy is a very kind and empathetic therapist. I was soon able to immerse myself in the moment.After the treatment I felt each of my atoms pleasantly stimulated. I felt more settled within myself than before. I also had stomach pains that have not come back since the treatment. (Is it magical?)Greetings Wendy!
Tobias SchneiderTobias Schneider
08:05 22 May 22
Anyone who wants to let go of everyday stress and simply recharge their batteries is in good hands with Natureiki. The pleasantly meditative process promotes the harmony of mind and body. After Wendy's Reiki transmission I felt purer, lighter and more grateful - somehow connected to a higher source.
Gianna LoweryGianna Lowery
14:27 16 Apr 22
I have never tried reiki before and honestly didn’t know what to expect. But I am so happy I went. During the session, Wendy plays calming music and burns oils (you don’t have to). Right away, it felt peaceful. She asks you why you decided to do reiki, whether for something specific or just a general sense of wanting to feel better. The session itself was so relaxing and I really did feel better and clearer afterwards. When we finished the session, she offered me tea and the chance to talk about what I felt and experienced. I felt connected to her because she told me where she felt the most energy and it was where I did too. That’s where she focused her healing on as well.
N RedingN Reding
09:11 17 Mar 22
I am usually rather skeptical when it comes to energy healing. But I can definitely say that I felt something during the session! Wendy is such a great listener and we‘ve had an inspiring conversation. I felt really good after my Reiki treatment with her.
19:42 09 Feb 22
It was my very first Reiki treatment and it was very moving! I felt very comfortable, there is a pleasant atmosphere and it was just very nice. I feel renewed and felt a lot of energy. I will definitely come back for another treatment!
Wendy ist eine sehr sensible, empathische, liebenswerte und intelligente Person, die Intuition und Intellekt wunderbar ausbalanciert. Sie hat ein starkes Verantwortungsbewusstsein und Professionalität, was sie zu einer ernsthaft engagierten, vertrauenswürdigen und professionellen Reiki-Praktikerin macht.

I am looking forward to your message!