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Interview with Frans Stiene - a conversation with my favorite Reiki author

I recently had the great privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with one of my favorite Reiki authors. Before we dive right in, a quick note: The interview was conducted in English. Here you can find my conversation with Frans Stiene translated into German. If you want to know more about Frans Stiene, check out his website .

Frans Stiene in conversation - Questions Overview:

Wendy: "Dear Frans, thank you so much for your time, it's a great honor and I really appreciate it!"

"Can you tell us a bit about your personal Reiki journey? How you did you come to your role as a Reiki master teacher, author and researcher?"

Frans Stiene: "I started practicing the system of Reiki over 25 years ago and realized that it helped me a lot in my own healing. The more I delved deeper into it the more I wanted to help others to experience that same kind of state of healing. During this journey I wanted to know how the system of Reiki was practiced in more traditional ways as I heard so many conflicting teachings and stories. This is why I went to Japan in 2001 for the first time to explore the roots of Mikao Usui's teachings. Since then I have been back many times to Japan to keep studying and training. This all of course help me to start to write books, first with my partner at that time, Bronwen Logan, and then later on I started to write my own books about the system of Reiki."


Wendy: "When clients ask me what Reiki is and how it works, I often add that different cultures have (re)discovered different healing modalities over thousands of years. And that when you break those modalities down to their quintessence, they more or less work with similar energies.


"Would you second that or do you believe Reiki to be a completely different energy than prana for instance?"

Frans: "There are two differences we need to be aware of. First is that the word Reiki is the same as prana, chi or any other word which points out this unification with the universe. The practices within the system of Reiki are really Japanese. But that doesn't mean that we have to be Japanese to practice the system of Reiki or to lay bare that we are Reiki, that we are the universe. Often we get caught up with words and labels. For example in Japan, Reiki is also Kami or buddhanature, they are again one and the same thing. In the end we come to realize that this state of mind, union with the universe can not be labeled at all."


Wendy: "Reiki is sometimes used as an additional healing modality in some hospitals, like in the States for example. From your own experience, how do you see the integration of Reiki into mainstream society?"

"Do you believe that Reiki is increasingly recognized as an effective method for promoting well-being and health on all levels?"


Frans Stiene: "For me the first point is that the system of Reiki is a healing method to realize our innate wholeness. Mikao Usui also named this innate wholeness our great bright light or Reiki. The more we lay bare this inner great bright light the deeper we can go with hands on healing on others. But for me the first step is ourselves, our own inner realization. This we do through practicing the meditation practices taught within the system of Reiki. I always say: I can not give you tea if I do not have tea. I can not show you compassion if I am angry and worried all the time. Thus first ourselves and then we are stable enough to start to work with others. To help them to lay bare their innate wholeness."

Wendy: "I wrote a blog article about the difference between esotericism and spirituality ."

 "To what extent do you view Reiki as a spiritual practice, and what significance does spirituality have in your personal Reiki journey?"


Frans: "We are all spiritual, we have to realize that our whole life is spiritual and not just sitting for 30 minutes on a meditation stool or yoga mat. We are all spiritual beings, however most of us do not realize this. Mikao Usui pointed this out very clearly in his system. For example within the Reiki precepts we see the word: today. He didn't say on your yoga mat or meditation cushion, he said today. Today really means in all actions we do today, eating, walking, sleeping etc... The more we see that our spiritual practice is something outside of our daily life the harder our practice and life will be."


Wendy: "Do you have advice for aspiring Reiki practitioners or anyone interested in learning Reiki?"

"What qualities does a person need in order to work with Reiki, whether it is only for personal use or even as a professional?"

Frans: "We all have that great bright light inside of us. To help us to lay bare this great bright light of healing we need to practice, we need patience and we need perseverance. The system of Reiki is really a life long journey, it never stops because it is intertwined with our daily normal life. In fact it is nothing special, it is about realizing who we are naturally, before we put on all these layers over our light, like lampshades. To be able to work with others we need to make sure we are grounded and centred, this is very important as without this grounded centred state of mind we will become very unbalanced within our hands on healing practice and daily life."


"In what ways did (or does) Reiki change your life?"

Frans Stiene: "I always look at the Reiki precepts. I feel less angry, less worried, more grateful, more true to my way and my being and more compassionate to myself and others."

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