6 Reiki Meister aus Europa

"How Reiki changed my life" - 6 Reiki Masters share their experience

What effects does Reiki really have?

If you have ever experienced a Reiki treatment yourself, then you know how wonderful and at the same time indescribable it feels. But what if you don't just enjoy the occasional hands-on healing, but integrate Reiki into your life as a whole, as a path, as a philosophy? I asked 6 different Reiki Masters from different countries how Reiki has changed their lives and here are their answers. My aim with these interviews was to show the diversity and, above all, the depth of Reiki by highlighting different perspectives. In order not to change the content of the texts in any way, I have retained the original language. Therefore, some texts are in German and some in English. Enjoy reading!

Reiki Masters:

Danijel - Reiki Master from Croatia

Danijel Reiki Master from Croatia headshot

„Today, I can testify that Reiki is a technique that can help every person to realize their life dreams.“

Danijel Salijević

My name is Danijel Salijević. For 18 years, I have been teaching the classic Usui Reiki system as well as the Japanese approach to Reiki in Croatia and the surrounding countries of the region. I am the founder of the Reiki Dojo center and school, which today has more than 800 satisfied students. My work also lies in the desire to introduce people to the importance of correct and regular reiki practice, which is my daily mission. I also organize annual Reiki Retreats through which students all over the world can practically practice and improve their knowledge, regardless of which school they come from. And even though that decision was a bit scary on the one hand, I felt a call and confidence in this path and this way of life. Today, I can testify that reiki is a technique that can help every person to realize their life dreams. Those related to health, wholeness, achieving happiness, up to those professional goals for people who want to implement this technique in their business activity or to practice reiki as a technique for themselves. However, we must keep one very important thing in mind. Reiki is not a party, a magic wand or a technique that will do what you want by itself. Reiki is a technique and a tool that needs to be used in order to achieve the desired. What’s more, a diligent reiki practice will allow you to achieve results far greater than those you had hoped for. But I repeat, it takes work, practice and keeping the soy reiki practice alive and in the service of achieving the desired goals. Maybe you don’t plan to achieve such great results with Reiki. And that’s fine. Use when you need and for what you need. Reiki will bring peace, love and joy into your life – that’s guaranteed – the only prerequisite is that you open up and become the owner of your life, your own path and realize your dreams. With love Danijel

Romana - Reiki Meisterin aus England

„Having Reiki as a personal self-treatment practice is a way for me to feel often and deeply connected to something greater than me, a powerful yet gentle, loving, supportive energy.“

Romana Reiki Master Berlin headshot

Hi everyone,
My name is Romana and I have been practicing Reiki since 2018. I am originally from England and currently live in Berlin, Germany. I met my Reiki Master, Violeta, whilst travelling through the Chiapas region of Mexico at the end of 2017. She taught me the Usui Reiki Levels 1-4 (one-to-one) over a year and a half period through Skype after I returned to Europe.

I was working in Berlin as an English language teacher during the mornings, and had most afternoons free. I decided to start offering Reiki treatments during the afternoons and then eventually started teaching Reiki courses as well, once my clients started to ask to learn. After some time I took the leap into offering treatments and teaching courses as my main career, and it has been my sole means of work for over four years now. Everything really just fell into place once I discovered Reiki. It was like I discovered something I had always been missing, especially having the possibility to give myself daily self treatments. It was a bit of a difficult journey to step into the Reiki Master role, as it meant stepping deeper into my own healing and ‘wholing’ process. However, I am so incredibly grateful to have Reiki as a personal practice and also a way to offer support to others, as clients and students.

Having Reiki as a personal self-treatment practice is a way for me to feel often and deeply connected to something greater than me, a powerful yet gentle, loving, supportive energy. It is a way for me to take a break out of the daily hustle and bustle of life, and come home to myself and to the greater reality/ energy fields of life and the universe. It supports me daily with my mood, emotions, energy, health, peace and compassion. It keeps me grounded whilst also keeping me in connection with the energy of life, love and oneness.

Carina - Reiki Master from Switzerland

Reiki Meisterin Schweiz headshot

"Although many people associate Reiki with hands-on healing, for me it is much more about cultivating a calm mind and an open heart to become more compassionate with others, but above all with ourselves."

Carina Iten

Mein Name ist Carina und ich habe 2020 mit TENDER MIND eine Plattform für moderne Achtsamkeit, Meditation und Reiki gegründet und bietet seither Meditations- und Reiki Level 1 bis 3 Kurse in Zürich an. Meine Intention ist es, durch Mindfulness und Meditation mehr Ruhe und Leichtigkeit in unseren Alltag zu bringen, damit wir den Fokus wieder auf die Dinge und Themen richten können, die wirklich wichtig sind. Mit TENDER RITUAL habe ich 2023 zudem ein Label gegründet, das Reiki- und Mindfulness-Essentials mit Handwerkskunst verbindet. Oder anders gesagt: Minimalistische und formschöne Produkte für deine Mindfulness-Routine. Meine erste Erfahrung mit Reiki hatte ich per Zufall an einem Festival in Südengland. Ich schenkte meiner Freundin eine Massage und habe mir gleichzeitig eine Reiki-Behandlung gegönnt, um die Wartezeit zu überbrücken, ohne zu wissen, was es wirklich ist. Das Gefühl danach kann ich noch immer nicht richtig in Worte fassen. Ich fühlte mich ein wenig wie eingehüllt in Watte, eine ungewohnte Leichtigkeit, die mich die folgenden Tage begleitete. Als ich nach Hause kam, suchte ich nach einer Reiki-Ausbildung in meiner Nähe, absolvierte kurz danach meinen Reiki 1 Grad. Seither sind über sechs Jahre vergangen und ich biete heute selbst Reiki Kurse 1 bis 3 an. Für mich ist Reiki eine subtile, sehr sanfte und dennoch kraftvolle Art der Energieheilung und gibt uns immer genau das, was wir gerade brauchen – sei es Entspannung, Energie oder Klarheit. Obwohl viele Reiki mit Handauflegen verbinden, geht es für mich viel mehr darum, einen ruhigen Geist und ein offenes Herz zu kultivieren, um so mitfühlender mit anderen, aber vor allem mit uns selbst zu werden. Für mich bedeutet das: Ich bin ausgeglichener und tiefer verbunden mit mir und meiner Umwelt. Zudem ist es ein praktisches Tool, das ich unkompliziert im Alltag nutzen kann, beispielsweise bei Unkonzentriertheit, Unruhe aber auch Menstruationsbeschwerden.

Giancarlo - Reiki Master from Italy

„Reiki is Life Force and what we learn in a Reiki Course is an approach, a tool that can be employed to connect with our True Self.“

Giancarlo Serra

„When I was a teenager I started to have a very strong interest in what we call the „unknown“. My parents bought me many books on miracles, healing, ghosts, hypnosis, past lives and so on. Bless them they probably thought I was just having some teenager crisis, but it later became the predominant theme of my life. Another interesting element of my childhood is that I never felt I could quite „fit in“ in the reality it was presented to my senses. I disliked what other children did and at the same time, I found so many contractions in what adults talked about. My mum was a chatechist and I was in her christian class. That alone put me off religion quite quickly, I just could not connect to it. My parents were obsessed that we had to follow the christian rules, which I truly hated but also „pushed me“ to want freedom so much that I left my family home and relocated to Ireland for a number of years. There I connected to the ancient Celtic traditions and helped me discovering a different type of spirituality that was closer to my idea of spirituality. After the experience in Ireland I relocated to London where I lived for twenty years and I still visit on a monthly basis to run my courses and workshops. The energy of London provided me with the opportunities that I needed to tap into my potential and expand my awareness. I trained as a Spiritual Healer at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies and started building relationships with lots of „crazy people“ like me. I finally felt at home. One of these people was my Past Life Regression trainer and Reiki Master that taught me all levels of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki. My life changed. My background was in engineering so I had been working for over ten years in a Council in London as an engineer. That organically came to an end, and I started supporting myself by giving Reiki treatments, running Reiki courses and offering Past Life Regression sessions.

Reiki did not change my life, as I believe that in Oneness there is not separation and there everything „out there“ is a reflection of our own consciousness. I don’t even believe that Reiki is a magic wand as it is often believed in the so called Reiki Circles. Reiki is Life Force and what we learn in Reiki Course is an approach, a tool that can be employed to connect with our True Self. The Power Is not in the tool, the power is within and by connecting to Reiki Energy we are connecting to our Infinite Power. However, I certainly say that by pursuing the Reiki Path I expanded my consciousness and explored aspects of Who I Really Am. When I finally understood that learning Reiki was not about getting a certificate and knowing the manual by heart, but it is truly about building a relationship with the energy, I began enjoying every step of my journey. I understood that Reiki is not the destination, but the journey. I later trained in Hotly Fire Reiki with William Lee Rand in Japan, at the beautiful Mount Kurama, and with him I also trained in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki in the mystical Jerusalem. I never stopped, I never felt „ok I’ve got it now“. The more I learned, the more I feld I didn’t know anything. Last year I went for the second time to train with Hiroshi Doi in Gendai Reiki Ho, which was another amazing experience.

So yes, I can say that Reiki changed my life in the sense that if you allow yourself to be in the flow, and to connect to the field of infinite possibilities, than many possibilities will be presented to you. However, nothing is forced upon us, everything is created within and projected without, so we still need to exercise our free will wisely in order to explore these opportunities, surrender our will, and follow the guidance we receive.“

Abby - Reiki Master from Germany

"With Reiki, I can organise my life in such a way that I feel comfortable, fulfilled and happy. Every day."

Abigale Hofmockel

Keine andere Begegnung in meinem Leben war folgereicher, tiefgreifender und initiierender als die mit Reiki. Aus einem Dämmerschlaf erwacht, hob sich der Schleier und ich wusste: das ist der Weg, den ich gerne gehen möchte. Weil es mich berührt, mein Herz befreit und meine Perspektive erweitert, so als würde ich auf einer Aussichtsplattform stehen von der aus ich in alle Richtungen blicken kann. Das heißt also, dass Reiki meine Sichtweise auf die Dinge, auf mich selbst und in Beziehungen verändert hat. Und es weiterhin tut. Es brachte mich aus dem Gefühl der Hilflosigkeit „Ich kann da nichts machen. So ist es eben“ heraus, denn ich kann sehr wohl! Sogar viel mehr als ich damals glaubte. Ich kann mit Reiki mein Leben so gestalten, dass ich mich wohl, erfüllt und glücklich fühle. Jeden Tag. Auch mal die Richtung ändern, feinjustieren. Denn so manches, was unbemerkt unter der Oberfläche schlummerte, trat Stück für Stück ans Tageslicht und neue Kräfte und Talente wurden freigelegt. Immer mehr fügten sich die Puzzleteile zusammen, um letztlich einen Sinn zu ergeben. So hilft mir Reiki in Bewegung zu bleiben und nicht (so lange) an Dingen festzuhalten, die mir nicht guttun. Es lockert, weicht auf, reinigt meinen Körper und meine Aura von Innen nach Außen, fegt die staubigen Ecken durch und flutet mich mit Licht. Es schenkt mir Hoffnung, Lebensenergie und Vertrauen. Ich fühle mich getragen und geführt von der Liebe, die alles umgibt. DANKE Reiki! – Abigale Hofmockel

Astrid - Reiki Master from Austria

"Reiki has helped me to take responsibility for my life and heal many inner wounds that were in desperate need of healing."

Astrid Herler

Reiki begleitet mich nun schon seit 25 Jahren. Es hat mir geholfen, die Verantwortung für mein Leben zu übernehmen und viele innerliche Wunden zu heilen, die dringend Heilung suchten. Es erfüllt mich mit Freude, wenn einige meiner Klient*innen nach den Kursen davon berichten, wie positiv es ihr Leben verändert hat. Durch Reiki erhalten wir Werkzeuge, um eigenverantwortlich zu handeln. Ich sage immer, dass Spiritualität Mut erfordert. Unser Leben ist nicht immer einfach; wir stehen vor Herausforderungen, manche überfordern uns, aber wir können an ihnen wachsen, wenn wir durch sie hindurchgehen, manchmal langsam und gebeugt, manchmal im Eiltempo, manchmal ruhig mit erhobenem Haupt. Alles ist gleichermaßen wertvoll. Gleichzeitig ist es für mich wichtig, das Leben zu genießen, meinen eigenen Weg zu gehen und ein gesundes Selbstbewusstsein zu entwickeln. Wir wissen am besten, was für uns richtig ist, und Reiki ist immer an unserer Seite – ohne zu urteilen, einfach mit bedingungsloser Liebe.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Reiki Masters from this article once again from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for your beautiful words & thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences so openly with us ♡

If you are now keen to find out more and are interested in a Reiki course, a Beginner's Course (Shoden) or an Advanced Course (Okuden), then don't hesitate to reach out! Either to me or to one of the Reiki Master Teachers in the article. I think I speak for all of us that there is nothing more beautiful than being able to accompany someone on their personal Reiki journey.

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  1. Abigale Hofmockel

    Liebe Wendy, es ist so wundervoll zu lesen, was Reiki jedem schenkt! Danke von Herzen, dass du uns den Raum zur Verfügung gestellt hast, unsere Erfahrungen mit und auf dem Reiki-Weg zu teilen! Alles Liebe, Abby 🙂

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