Natureiki Reiki Praxis
a little insight into

The Reiki Space by Natureiki

Wie der Name „Natureiki“ schon verrät, war es mir ein Anliegen, Mutter Natur eine wichtige Rolle in meiner Reiki Praxis zu gewähren. Willkommen in deiner kleinen grünen Wohlfühloase!

Especially in big cities, many people feel the need to go out into the countryside to relax. I also prefer to recharge my energy reserves outside in nature.

I have therefore tried to design my Reiki practice as a small green oasis of well-being. Numerous green plants ensure a pleasant room climate and the simple decorations and natural materials invite you to relax. If desired, the treatment can be accompanied by the scent of high-quality organic essential oils and the sound of gentle music. Subtle curtains and homemade candles made from rapeseed wax provide atmospheric lighting.

I deliberately refrained from integrating too many colors and objects into the room, as we are already overloaded with enough information and impressions in everyday life. How nice it is to come into a large, open room where you can just be. Suddenly it's easy to let your mind wander and re-align with your Higher Self.