New Moon Rituals Guide (english version)

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„New Moon Rituals To Do at Home“

I handcrafted a little guide for you, called „New Moon Rituals To Do at Home“. This is your ultimate printable guide to performing empowering New Moon rituals in the comfort of your home. Unlock the potential of the New Moon and embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation. This little guide offers a curated collection of rituals tailored to align with the powerful energy of the New Moon. It helps you to set your intentions and to manifest your dreams right where you are.

What is the New Moon about?

In many cultures, the New Moon represents new beginnings, fresh starts and new opportunities. The New Moon is therefore the perfect moment for us to get in touch with ourselves, to set intentions and to manifest our dreams. In this guide, I collected a few of my favorite rituals to help you harness the potent energy of this moon phase.

I poured a lot of love into the making of this guide, in order to help you harness the lunar energy and channel it towards your desires, fostering positive transformations and inviting abundance into your life.

Key Features of this guide:

  • The Structure of Rituals: Discover the most important steps of Moon Rituals.
  • Opening a Ceremony: Learn how to set the space, how to clear the energies, your mind and how to set your intentions.
  • New Moon Rituals: Choose your favorite ritual from a variety of possible activities to do during the New Moon night.
  • Closing the Ceremony properly: Learn about the importance of closing off your ceremonies properly and how to do so.

Embrace the lunar magic!  Set your intentions, and manifest the life you’ve always envisioned with your guide „New Moon Rituals To Do at Home.“

May these rituals bring you clarity, abundance, and the fulfillment of your desires!
Lots of Love & Light, Wendy

P.S. This is a digital download.