Reiki Training - Reiki Courses in Vienna

Are you longing for more balance, relaxation and mental well-being in your everyday life?

Learn the ability to give yourself Reiki energy anytime and anywhere!

Junge Frau gibt sich Reiki auf einer Wiese

Reiki Training - Overview

“What is the way of the bow? Can you teach me?”
“Teaching it isn’t hard. I could do that in less than an hour, while we’re walking back to the village. The difficult thing is to practice it every day, until you achieve the necessary precision.”

Paulo Coelho, The Archer

brief overview

The Reiki Levels

In der Reiki Ausbildung gibt es 3 verschiedene Grade:

Each additional degree opens up a new, higher energy vibration. With each new vibration, different tasks come your way (see "Requirements“).

Acquire the ability to perform Reiki treatments:

The ability to channel Reiki is passed on to the student by a qualified Reiki Master Teacher in several attunements. These different attunements are performed during each level of training.


Reiki Ausbildung SHODEN (Grad 1)
All dates

Group courses take place from 2 people upwards

Further dates are available on request (also in English or French)


ON SITE | VIENNA (Reiki 1. Grad) (noch 2 Plätze verfügbar)
3. August
9 – 13 & 14 – 18 Uhr | max. 4 participants | 360* €

ON SITE | VIENNA (Reiki Level 1 - German course)
7. September | 9 – 13 & 14 – 18 Uhr | max. 4 Personen | 360* €

ON SITE | VIENNA (Reiki Level 1 - German course)
23. November | 9 – 13 & 14 – 18 Uhr | max. 4 Personen | 360* €

* Includes on-site course, snacks & tea, initiations, 100-page printed script, certificate and 2 hours of group debriefing/support.

Junge Frau schreibt Tagebuch für Reiki Kurs
by prior arrangement:

Reiki individual training

A private course is also possible by arrangement.

Date: by arrangement / During the week between 8 am and 7 pm
Duration: 6 hours
Ort: Natureiki Praxis, Diepoldplatz 6, oder online

Cost: 550 €

(incl. course, snacks & tea, initiations, script, certificate and support or debriefing)

Learning Reiki - Privately or in a group?

Whether you want to take part in group or individual training is ultimately a very personal decision. Both have advantages and disadvantages. In a group, we can learn from each other, inspire each other and grow together. In individual training, I can focus 100% on you, your questions and your needs. Individual training is particularly suitable for introverted and/or highly sensitive people.

Reiki Kurs - Inhalt & Ablauf der Reiki 1 Ausbildung

das japanische Schriftzeichen für Reiki und seine Bedeutung

Reiki - History & Development

Learn more about the origin, (re)discovery and development of Reiki.

Die 7 Chakren

Introduction to the Chakras

You will get to know the different chakras and their meaning/function.

Zwei Hände erstrahlen im Licht

Balancing the chakras with Reiki

Learn how you can easily balance your chakras yourself with Reiki.

Rosa Lotus Blume

The 5 Reiki Principles

The 5 Reiki precepts form the basis of your Reiki journey.

Frau hat Hände hinter Rücken in der Gassho Handposition zusammen gefalten

Reiki (Self) Treatment

You will learn the traditional hand positions with which you can give yourself Reiki.

Großer Baum durch dessen Krone die Sonne hindurch scheint

Reiki Attunements

With the Reiki attunements you receive the ability to connect to the Reiki energy.

Zwei Hände halten eine gelbe Blume

Practice Reiki Treatments

We practise using Reiki by giving each other a treatment.

Junge Frau während Reiki Behandlung

Receive Reiki

This means that you will not only work with Reiki, but also receive a Reiki treatment.

Frau legt Hand auf ihr Herz

Reiki Self-Healing Journey

After the course, it is highly recommended that you give yourself Reiki energy for 21 days (preferably daily, but at least regularly). In our debriefing, we will then discuss any questions, thoughts and impulses together.

Further contents of the level 1 course:

❊ What is energy?

❊ How does Reiki work?

❊ Traditional vs. modern medicine

❊ Reiki as a healing method

❊ Who and what can receive Reiki

❊ the benefits of Reiki

❊ How energies manifest

❊ Strengthen our energies in everyday life

❊ Inention and invocation

❊ Dealing with a healing crisis

❊ Using Reiki in everyday life

❊ Building up protection before working with Reiki

❊ Preparation for a Reiki treatment

❊ Reiki quick treatment


❊ Reiki during pregnancy

❊ Reiki for babies & children

❊ Reiki as palliative care for the dying and support for their families

❊ Basic techniques for animals

❊ Basic techniques for plants and vegetation

❊ Basic techniques for food and beverages


brief overview

Reiki Course - Completion & Certification

To complete the course in its entirety and graduate with a certificate, you must:

At the end of the training you will receive your certificate and are officially initiated into the First Reiki Level. This is the beginning of an exciting journey 🙂

Requirements for the Reiki Training


Anyone can learn Reiki. However, there are some basic requirements that I would like to share with you:

It is best if you've already received at least one Reiki Session This is important so that you have a vague idea of what Reiki means (to you).

You should also be open and receptive to changes in your consciousness. A Reiki course is by no means about gaining (another) certificate. Reiki is a way of life, an instrument for developing consciousness. All levels are accompanied by intense emotional changes. This development process is a wonderful thing - provided you have consciously chosen it. Even after your Reiki course, you are welcome to attend Reiki evenings to discuss any processes of change.

The course will take place here:

If you have any questions about Reiki training, please contact me!


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