FAQ: Reiki, Reiki treatment & distance session

If you've never had a Reiki treatment before, I'm sure you have some questions.
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Reiki and Reiki treatments.

You will also get tips on how to best prepare for your Reiki treatment.
Especially for the first experience with Reiki, these simple preparations can be very helpful.
Last but not least, you will learn about what what to look for after your Reiki session.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out..

About Reiki

A Reiki treatment can have many positive effects. A Reiki session can help you:

  • manage stress, anxiety, depressive moods and nervousness
  • to be more balanced, grounded and relaxed
  • to find your inner self
  • to better come to terms with past experiences and problems
  • to dissolve blockages, old thought patterns and beliefs
  • activate your self-healing powers

During a treatment with Reiki different reactions can occur:

  • You often feel the energy in the form of a slight tingling, warmth or even cold.
  • Your digestive system reacts with grumbling noises.
  • Unconscious thoughts and emotions can come up.
  • You may start laughing or crying.
  • Or you fall asleep from sheer relaxation.
  • It can also happen that someone feels absolutely nothing during the treatment, and only notices a change in the hours or even days afterwards.

The different reactions depend on the people and their moods. They cannot be qualitatively opposed - no reaction is "better" or "more desirable" than another. We always take in only what we need at the moment and react accordingly.

Reiki is basically suitable for everyone. You don't have to call yourself a spiritual person to benefit from the power of Reiki. Of course, you should already bring a certain openness, but even with a healthy dose of skepticism, a Reiki treatment can be a quite wonderful, life-changing experience. Just see for yourself!

No, Reiki is in no way a substitute for medical, psychological or psychotherapeutic treatments or consultations. You will be informed about this in detail during the preliminary consultation before your first treatment.
However, Reiki is excellent as an accompanying and supportive measure to any other treatments.

About the Reiki treatment

Try not to eat too much or be hungry before your Reiki session.

If it is possible for you, meditate for a few minutes before your Reiki treatment. That way, it is easier for you to let go of all your worries and thoughts. This can help you to fully concentrate on the moment, when you're having your Reiki session.

Get on the road ahead of time so you don't stress out along the way.

If possible, do not schedule physically or mentally demanding appointments after your Reiki treatment. By doing so, you can enjoy the positive effects of your session longer and more intensively.

Allow yourself a nice, quiet moment just for you. This way you can review everything you experienced during your Reiki treatment.

You might also feel like writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal.

It is best to come to your Reiki treatment in fresh, comfortable clothing. Despite heating and a blanket, it is recommended to wear long clothes so that you do not freeze while lying down.

Appointments & Directions

Yes, a personal appointment is required.

You can either use the contact form, write an email or call. We will then make a personal appointment. You can find the contact details here. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Die Reiki Praxis befindet sich am Diepoldplatz 6/19, 1170 Wien, im 2. Stock (leider ohne Lift).

About the distance session

For remote Reiki treatment, we make an appointment as usual. Only you are not with me at the scheduled time in the practice, but at a place chosen by you. I then connect energetically with you and do the Reiki treatment normally, as if you were there with me.

After the treatment, we will talk either by phone or by video conference. We clarify these details in advance and adapt them to your individual needs.

We have a very limited, linear conception of space and time. But in the meantime, there are more and more scientific studies that deal with space-time and come up with theories that are far beyond the imagination of most people. For this reason, I would not recommend remote treatment to everyone. See the next point.

In principle, a remote treatment is suitable for everyone, but especially for people who have already gained some experience with energy work. Also for people who cannot or do not want to come to my practice for health or personal reasons, a remote treatment is ideal. In general, I always recommend a Reiki treatment on site, because in my experience this is always a bit more intense and, yes, more personal in the end.

At the appointed time, make yourself comfortable in a cozy, quiet place. This can be your bed or your couch or any other comfy place.

Mute your cell phone and doorbell and let any roommates or family members know that you do not want to be disturbed.

You can light some candles, incense sticks or aroma lamps and turn on some quiet music. On the common online music platforms, you're sure to find something that will help you relax.

Then close your eyes and pay attention to everything that may arise. Do you feel a strong tingling in any region? Do certain thoughts, images or emotions come up? Notice this without judging it. In our follow-up session, if you wish, we can come back to these experiences and talk about them.