Reiki during (and after) pregnancy

Reiki treatments also have enormous benefits for both the expectant mother and the baby during pregnancy. In my blog article you will find 8 reasons why a Reiki treatment is useful during pregnancy.Feel free to read the FAQ about Reiki during pregnancy.


  • more balance & well-being
  • better sleep
  • a deeper connection to your baby
  • less stress and anxiety
  • fewer discomforts
  • mental and physical preparation for birth


The first thing we discuss on the phone is how often, when and where the treatments should take place. The treatment itself then proceeds as follows:

  • Preliminary consultation to get to know and explain the treatment or update since the last treatment
  • Reiki Session
  • Follow-up conversation

Duration & costs

80 min. à 110,- €
Payment by bank transfer, cash or card

Regular treatments (recommended):
5 x 80 min. à 500 € (Ersparnis: 50 €)
10 x 80 min. à 970 € (Ersparnis: 130 €)

Eine Ratenzahlung ist nach Absprache möglich. Bitte kontaktiere mich per Mail, wenn du ein Reiki-Paket kaufen möchtest.


I am looking forward to making an individual appointment with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Die Reiki Behandlungen während deiner Schwangerschaft können ganz normal bei mir in der Praxis stattfinden. Es besteht aber auch die Möglichkeit der Fernbehandlung, oder u.U. die Behandlungen bei dir zu Hause zu machen (nur im Umkreis von 20 min.).

If it is not possible for you to come to me due to your pregnancy, there are 2 options: either we do the treatment at your home (see next point) or we do a remote treatment (see point after next).

Eine Behandlung bei dir daheim ist vom Ablauf genau gleich wie in der Praxis. Allerdings fallen bei einem Hausbesuch eine Zusatzpauschale von 15 € an. Auf Wunsch können wir aber auch gerne eine Fernbehandlung machen.

During a remote treatment, the energy is sent over a distance. Remote treatments are a wonderful option, especially during pregnancy, as they offer you the best comfort. However, it is important to me that we have had at least one or two treatments together on site, whether at your place or in the practice.