Reiki Trial Session

Are you interested in Reiki, but still unsure if it's right for you?

The Reiki taster session lasts 45 minutes.
Just like the normal treatment, there is a preliminary conversation, as well as a short follow-up conversation, where we talk about any problems or emotions that have arisen, if desired.
It's like a shortened version of the normal Reiki treatment. This means that only a part of the traditional hand positions are used and they are held for less time.

For more...

  • Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Self-confidence
  • Well-being
  • Health


  • Preliminary talk to get to know each other and explain the treatment
  • 25 min. Reiki treatment
  • brief follow-up conversation

Duration & costs

  • 45 minutes
  • 50,- €
  • Payment in advance by bank transfer or cash on site


I am looking forward to making an individual appointment with you!

I have been thinking for a long time whether to offer a trial treatment.
Bei einer sogenannten „Kurzbehandlung“ kann sich natürlich nicht das volle Potential von Reiki entfalten.
Nevertheless, I wanted to offer the possibility to experience Reiki without having to invest the full amount for a normal treatment right away.