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What is Reiki?

The term "Reiki" comes from Japanese and can be translated as "universal life energy" ("Rei"=soul, spirit; "Ki"=life energy).

Reiki is a force that flows through all living things, people, animals, plants. There are many different names for this force - some speak of Qi, others of Prana and still others simply call it love. Reiki is a word for that which makes us breathe, think and feel.

The universal life energy, however you want to name it, is always and everywhere present. We constantly absorb it, sometimes more sometimes less. Sometimes we feel vital, harmonious, in harmony with ourselves and the world. Sometimes, however, we would prefer to spend the whole day in bed and see no one. In such moments, the life force flows through us less strongly.

What happens during a Reiki session?

During a Reiki treatment, life energy is channeled and transmitted through the laying on of hands. Figuratively speaking, it is like charging a battery. The energies can flow stronger and more freely again.

Traditionally the client lies on a tatami mat, in the West massage beds are often used. Personally, I have opted for something in between - I work with a kind of thin mattress, because in my eyes it combines comfort and tradition. When you lie closer to the floor, you automatically feel a little more grounded and relaxed.

The Reiki practitioner kneels, sits or stands next to the person to be treated and places his or her hands on different parts of the body, stays there for a few minutes and lets the Reiki energy flow. When laying on hands, direct physical contact is not necessary and often not desired. Therefore, many practitioners, especially Western practitioners, let their hands hover a few inches above the body part without touching it. This does not change the intensity of the Reiki energy.

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