General terms and conditions

A Reiki session, as well as any form of energetic service, is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic assistance.

All information on this website is without guarantee and subject to change.

Bei uns gilt die in Österreich übliche 24 Stunden Absageregelung. Wenn du einen ausgemachten Termin nicht einhalten kannst, gib uns bitte möglichst frühzeitig Bescheid, entweder per Anruf unter +43 677 61 04 93 05 (keine SMS!) oder E-Mail an wendy@natureiki.at. Ein nicht rechtzeitig abgesagter Termin (sprich spätestens 24 Stunden vorher) wird voll verrechnet. Auch für versäumte oder unabgesagte Termine wird der Gesamtbetrag in Rechnung gestellt.

We have the right to cancel a session or refuse a participant by stating the reasons. In this case the participant will be refunded the full amount of the already booked and paid session. There is no claim for reimbursement of possible travel or overnight expenses.

In the case participants disrupt the course of a session or behave inappropriately in any way, the session may be terminated immediately. In this case, the costs for the said session will not be refunded.

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a session for personal or health reasons. Already paid costs will of course be fully refunded in such cases.

The use of sessions is voluntary and fully the responsibility of the client. They are furthermore accountable for themselves on the way to and from the session.

The achievement of certain results through Reiki sessions cannot be guaranteed by us. Both success and efficiency of energetic healing are very individual, they depend on several factors and are not (yet) scientifically provable.