Hi! My name is Wendy, I'm a Reiki Master teacher based in Vienna & the founder of Natureiki

It's so lovely that you are interested in Reiki and that we have found each other!

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I am originally from Luxembourg and moved to Vienna in 2017 to finish my Master at the University of Vienna. Now I have the great privilege to offer Reiki treatments and Reiki Courses as a Reiki Master teacher in the beautiful 18th district in Vienna.

Trainings & areas of focus

Why Reiki Master?

In order to explain how and why exactly I came across Reiki, I have to backtrack a bit and first tell you about my personal life. Of course, you don't have to read all of this, but maybe it will help you to better evaluate whether I'm the right Reiki Master or Reiki Teacher for you.

How it all began

Even as a child I felt a strong connection to nature, the moon and the universe. When I wasn't feeling well, I would climb my favorite tree and spend hours there. Somehow I always knew: there is something out there that is bigger than me, than all of us. I started collecting gemstones and crystals at an early age, not knowing at the time what healing properties were attributed to them. Nevertheless, I was convinced that my stones were magical and could be used to grant wishes. Therefore, at the age of 6, I took my favorite stone, which I found during a walk with my parents on the bank of a river, to school to grant my classmates their heart's desires.

The need to do good for others and the world has remained with me, which is why I have worked in education and social services for years.

My emotional journey

I grew up with a severely depressed mother. When she was well, she was the best mom in the world, but when she was unwell, I was always very worried about her. Of course, as a child you don't understand that adults can be sad for no reason. And of course, as a child, you want to help your mom be happy. That's why very early I started to explore my own feelings, thoughts and dreams. I've always been quite a sensitive child.

Despite many bad experiences, or perhaps because of them, I have developed into a strong, fun-loving, empathetic young woman. Looking back, many of these experiences have prepared me for my path as a Reiki Master Teacher.

My spiritual journey

When I was a teenager, a book about the Law of Attraction fell into my hands. Since then, I have manifested many of my dreams consciously or unconsciously. I would have loved to share everything I learned and experienced with my family and friends so that they could benefit from it as much as I did. But most of them couldn't really do much with "such things". That's why I lived out my spirituality alone for years until I finally, by chance, came across a professor at university who introduced me to a rather unknown branch of Tibetan Buddhism. I was fascinated by this new world that suddenly opened up to me and began to read even more books than I already did.

And that's how I finally came across Reiki. I knew immediately that this was exactly what I had been looking for for years. I am now a Reiki Master Teacher "by profession" and it feels like I am finally where I was always meant to be.

Now, as a Reiki Master Teacher, I want to share what Reiki gives me with as many people as possible. Because I am deeply convinced of the healing power of this wonderful energy. 


My Reiki Masters

I did my first Reiki Course with Astrid Herler in Vienna. One year later I did the second level and two years later the Reiki Master Teacher course with Patricia Vieira in Lisbon.

Would you like to come by?

Then feel free to make an appointment via the form - I'm looking forward to seeing you!